Date # 1 – DUI Boy

My first date with an online acquaintance came a couple weeks ago with a guy I met online. We’ll call him DUI boy. He seemed to be genuinely nice and attentive; I liked that he was eager to meet me and very complimentary. We were planning to meet for drinks and appetizers and Applebee’s, however that all changed very quickly. On the day of our meeting, we were texting back and forth about where/when to meet. I suggested we just meet at the restaurant, and he kept beating around the bush, trying to convince me to meet him at a Starbucks beforehand and that we could go to Applebees together. (NOTE: one of my biggest rules for online dating is never picking up the person on the first date! The two people should meet in a public place first and see where it goes from there) I explained to him that we could meet and Starbucks and stay at Starbucks, and he agreed to this.

When I pulled up to Starbucks and realized it was closed, I called him. He said he was walking over, and next to Starbucks was a little bar/grill. He told me when he arrived I better get out of the car and give him a hug hello. I like an assertive attitude, so I did what he said and hugged him hello. So far so good. We went into the bar and sat down and each got a beer. At first I looked at him and couldn’t find anything attractive, but as we started talking, something clicked. I realized he actually was very attractive and I enjoyed talking to him. We exchanged horror stories of online dating and talked about what we were looking for in our next mate. We discussed where we are currently with work and home life. When he divulged that he lived with his mother, I asked him to explain how that came about, knowing he’d lived on his own before that. That’s when the crazy story came out….

Apparently this guy had gotten a DUI (thus, he couldn’t drive to meet me!). He explained that he had gotten a DUI prior to that, and in one of his AA classes, met a very cute girl. They decided to go get drunk together (ironic, isn’t it?) and as they were drunkenly making out at the girl’s house, her mother walked in and screamed that the girl was only 17, and he had to leave immediately. He says after that was all a blur and he had to read about it the next day in the paper (after going to jail of course).

This wasn’t a TOTAL dealbreaker for me, I decided to give him a chance. Hey, maybe he has a little drinking problem, but then again, who doesn’t make mistakes? Maybe he’s learned from them…. (looking back I realize how silly this was of me to think!) So as the bar closes (it was only 10:00pm), we decide to go sit in my car out front (plenty of people around, I did not feel endangered, though maybe I should have). This is where things got really WEIRD…. He was all up on me, trying to touch me, being very grabby and weird. I told him stop touching me and he didn’t really listen… Then he asked if he could massage my feet.  I ended it there, told him get out and I’d enjoyed meeting him but I had to go. He texted me nonstop for days afterward, even after I’d said “I think you have a problem with alcohol” and “I don’t feel that connection”. Finally after about a week it stopped.

The next day I told my coworkers the story. One of them, a very maternal and protective lady, looked up his name online. Sure enough, he’d gotten not 1, not 2, but THREE DUI’s and his last arrest was in June of this year. I’m glad he was so weird and awkward and totally turned me off, otherwise I might have gone along with it a little longer. Goodbye, DUI boy!

Wow, what a first date! The next one is an interesting story as well but will have to wait until tomorrow. Bedtime for me. Goodnight!


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