Date # 6 – Redneck Boy

I had the impression before I met this guy that he was a real down-home, country kind of guy. However, upon meeting him, I realized this was not the case… Though he does hunt, fish, camp, have a big truck, want an RV, etc., he gave off more of a gangster wannabe kind of vibe than a redneck vibe. He drove a motorcycle (sexy) and wore a big gold watch and ring (not sexy). We met at a great restaurant for dinner and seemed to be having wonderful conversation. We stayed away from discussing exes or anything really deep or serious, we just kept the conversation light, which was great (I’ll stick to this rule in the future). We talked about our careers, things we do for fun, and our interests. We had a lot in common. Dinner was delicious. He made really great eye contact, very intense, so much that I had to look away at times. I took this as a sign he was interested and even felt some chemistry…

At the end of the dinner, he asked what I was doing the rest of the night. Since he’d mentioned maybe going mini-golfing after dinner while we were making plans earlier, I told him I’d left the night open. He proceeded to tell me he had to go meet his friends at the bars and didn’t have time to go mini golfing. We hugged goodbye, again he told me how much he liked me and how he’d definitely hit me up again. No word from him. That was Friday now it’s Monday. We’re both very busy doing things this week, but if he was really interested, wouldn’t he have pushed back hanging out with his friends? Maybe invited me to come along? The flakiness never ceases to amaze me. Are all men liars? Seriously. Forget it. Goodbye, redneck boy!


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