Fish Tank Boy (no date yet!)

I just have to take a minute to talk about this guy that comes in and cleans our tank at work. When I first started working at my job, I was still with my ex. Nevertheless, I had an immediate crush on this guy the moment I laid eyes on him. Being the faithful and devoted girlfriend I am, I never really talked to him much, I just kept to myself when he’d come, which is only every 2 weeks. Sometimes they send a lady instead of him and I’m always disappointed when he’s not the one that comes.

After I broke up with my ex, fish tank day rolled around and of course, just my luck, they sent the lady. I really could have used a little pick-me-up, but for whatever reason, it was meant to be. Maybe it’s better he didn’t see me so down and depressed. I’m glad he missed me on that day, actually. However, 2 weeks later, they sent him 🙂  I was thrilled to see him and made a resolution to talk to him somehow… He always would come around to my side of the fish tank and make small talk with me, but this day, I decided to lay it on thick. When he came over to talk to me, I chatted him up. I knew his little daughter’s b-day was that weekend, and that was my in… I asked him, “So, what are you guys doing for her birthday?” He said “Well it’s just me, but blah blah blah”. He made a point to tell me it was just him, meaning he’s single and ready to mingle, yay!!! I mentioned how I’d really like him to show me around, etc. etc. I could see the wheels turning in his head, but since we were both working, nothing came of it. We got interrupted, he left without getting my number, so I’ve been thinking about him nonstop since then, wondering if anything will happen down the road. I’d be one lucky girl, and he’d be damn lucky too!

I can see how genuinely kind and respectable this guy is. He’s a real person after all, not someone I met online. I like him a lot and get the feeling he likes me too. However, I’m learning that people are often full of shit and my read on how people feel towards me is not always right (actions speak louder than words). Maybe he just teases me/chit chats with me because he wants attention or wants to add a little excitement to his work day. Maybe I’m not his type. Maybe a million girls are after him already.

Whatever the case, I’m holding onto a little bit of hope for fish tank guy. As he was leaving, I said, “make sure they send you next time and not that lady!” He laughed and said ok, and fish tank day is this Friday. Let’s cross our fingers that he shows up! I’ve decided I’m not going to strike up a conversation with him though. He’ll have to come over and talk to me and initiate things. That way I’ll know for sure how he feels about me and whether or not he’s really interested. Knowing my luck though, they’ll send the lady. We’ll just have to wait and see.


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