Zumba Boy’s back…. and not in a good way.

So today during my lunch break at work, I logged onto the dating site. Up pops a chat request from Zumba boy. We start chit chatting about our days and what we’re up to, and he goes “oh by the way, my name is ____” I said yeah, I know, we’ve met! Retard! He literally thought I was someone else because I’d changed some things around on my profile. Then he went into saying how he tried texting me, yadda yadda, more bullshit. He invited me to come out with him and “10 of his friends” this Thursday. I told him I had to go, hit me up and maybe my phone would work this time and we could hang out Thursday. I highly doubt I’ll hear from him.

This experience led me to conclude that meeting a guy online is not a good idea for me. I will not find what I’m looking for online. I want someone honest and real, who lives in the REAL world, someone who knows what they’re looking for and is not afraid to go after it. I’m DONE with the online world! I deleted my profile off the site. Goodbye, internet dating! Onto real life we go…


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