Good shit.

Last night, coming home after work, I noticed a car in my front yard as I pulled into my driveway. Of course I had no clue who it was. It definitely wasn’t my ex, he knows better/doesn’t care enough to come around me. I wondered if maybe it was someone coming to buy furniture? No, I didn’t think I’d given my address out to anyone yet…. So out of the car pops the girl that I’m going to be renting my house to. She and her husband came to the open house I held and I immediately fell in love with them. He’s a preschool teacher, she’s a caterer, and they’re all-around good, genuine people. We clicked right away at the open house and I was thrilled when I learned the landlord had picked them to replace me as the new tenants.

I guess she just came over to check out the house again and ease some of her worries. It was such a pleasant surprise for me to have someone to hang out with – I was planning on chilling by myself like every other night of my life (aside from the ones in which I went on disastrous, fruitless dates). We hung out for quite awhile and talked about a million things. We have a lot in common, but are also totally different. I am a very practical, concrete thinker. My reality and perception are based on what’s in front of me, what I know, what’s real. She, on the other hand, has her head a little more in the clouds. She’s a visual and creative thinker. I love that! I love getting insight into the way other people think. She and I really hit it off.

She told me how if she were getting married again, I’d be one of her bridesmaids, how amazing I am, and all these wonderful things. I know it to be true and have heard it all before, but I’ve grown accustomed to having the rug pulled out from under me and getting my heart broken. I fear that this girl will do the same thing to me, but if there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s that you cannot allow fear to rule your life and decisions. So I’m jumping in with two feet.

I came into work today and opened my email. I’d forgotten that I was still subscribed to my ex’s youtube channel. He posted a video today entitled “I’m doin fine”. I hit unsubscribe. I don’t want to know what he’s doing, whether good or bad. I’m so angry with him. He’s doing fine living off someone else. Hey, at least it’s not me anymore. He’s doing the same old shit. My world is just opening up.

Thank god an email from that girl was also waiting for me or I might have really gotten down in the dumps over him “doin fine”. In her email she wrote how great it was to meet me, how she wants to introduce me to all these guys/friends, how amazing I am, etc. it was a very nice surprise and just what I needed. I responded. I hope we end up being good friends, I have a feeling that we will, but you never know.

Today’s a good day though and I have lots of work to do and lots to look forward to!


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