Monthly Archives: October 2011

I am happy to report that although the weekend started out a little sad and gloomy, it ended wonderfully with new friends and a new outlook.

On Friday night I went to a bar with some girlfriends for a friend’s birthday. It’s funny how I’ve changed as I’ve gotten older; I used to love crowds and mingling with strangers but now it just annoys me and I have no patience for weirdos. The bar was crowded, sweaty, loud and everyone seemed more pushy than usual. I could barely order a beer let alone play a game of pool. However, trying to make the best of the situation, one of my friends and I started talking with a random guy. He was friendly and at least provided us with some entertainment. He works at the airport doing airplane maintenance as a mechanic and was enjoying the single life after moving out here from somewhere on the east coast. All was going well until he pointed out his buddy that had come with him to the bar. The buddy was attractive and flirting up some cute young girl. The guy we were talking with told us how the buddy is actually married with kids, and supposedly his wife is fine with him going out and chatting with girls.

Now, of course I have a few issues with this. 1) if there was really no issue with what he was doing, why did he feel the need to change his wedding ring to the other hand? 2) what woman would honestly be ok with this?

Seeing such shadiness really put a bad taste in my mouth and I was no longer interested in talking with strangers in an irritating atmosphere. So we went next door, got a slice of pizza, and called it a night.

The next day, Saturday, was moving day! Everything went surprisingly smoothly and I got everything unpacked by Saturday night. I got a little sad, feeling lonesome, as I sat in my apartment and could hear all the people having fun down below. I tried to just have patience and know that things would get better. I also had my feelings hurt by a friend who all of a sudden became unavailable to me. I resolved to be more content with my independence and ordered a pizza and enjoyed my night with myself.

Sunday rolled around and boy oh boy was it a productive day! I loaded all the stuff for Goodwill/trash stuff into my car (4 trips up and down 3 floors total, wow!) and went shopping for a new sofa (didn’t find one but I still enjoyed the shopping process).

Sunday evening I went back to the old house to have the new tenants sign the lease, take their deposit, etc. The new tenants are this really cool and genuinely nice couple that I’m slowly building a friendship with. Last night I went out with them and their friends to dinner and afterwards we hung out for quite some time at the house. I love seeing the house in a new light with them and all their stuff in it. I’m so grateful I can come back and visit and see what they do to the place. It made me super happy to see them there and then go back to my sparking new apartment that’s all mine!

Just a side note – my ex took his dog with him when he left. Although she is HIS dog, she became mine for the time we were together. I miss her dearly, I loved her so much. The new tenants have two dogs, one of which reminds me SO much of her in looks and personality. I got to love on their dogs and fulfill my need for canine affection through them, and I felt like my ex’s dog visited me a little through their look-a-like dog. It was overall just really nice and I can’t wait to hang out with them again. Just goes to show that patience is well worth it and more good things are to come! 🙂